RYA SEA SURVIVAL COURSE Vilamoura Algarve Portugal. A very important course for all boaters at any level. Essential skills and knowledge for safe boating.



Duration: 1 day

This is a very useful course where you can anticipate spending half a day in the classroom discussing all aspects of safety and half a day in a pool getting in and out of a liferaft and generally having a fun but very informative time.

Sea Survival – General

Aim of the Course

“This course will arm you with the practical and theoretical skills to cope in an emergency situation. Practical time is spent in a pool with a life raft”

Do I need Prior Experience?

Simply answered: NO! None! The course does gowever suit those that already have an interest in boating and have a basic level of knowledge as this course builds on that knowledge.

The course requires you to enter the water and requires a level of physical capability. If unsure of your level of ability please contact us for more information and advice. 

If you are a commercial organisation,  yacht club or a group of people then we can organise a course to suit you. 

Sea Survival is an excellent course that gives a real insight into safety at sea and the use of safety equipment which could one day make all of the difference.

Subjects covered on your course:

  • Preparation for sea survival
  • Lifejackets and liferafts
  • Practical wet drill
  • Principals of survival
  • Search and rescue


The course appeals to a cross section of people:

  1. Everyone with an interest in ensuring their’s, and their families, chances of survival in the event of an incident at sea
  2. Those seeking to work commercially – it is mandatory.




Module 1, Preparation for Sea Survival
 – Survival difficulties
 – Survival requirements
 – Equipment available
 – Training drill sand their importance
 – Actions prior to abandonment


Module 2, Life Jackets and Liferafts
– Lifejacket: Design and construction (ISO12402); correct donning procedure, purpose and use; entering the water from a height
 – Safety harnesses: Design and construction (ISO12402); purpose and use; securing arrangements
 – Liferafts: Standards – SOLAS, ISAF, ISO; stowage and containment onboard; design and construction; launching a deck stowed liferaft; abandoning the vessel; righting of a capsized liferaft; helping the injured persons onboard; liferaft equipment; initial actions to be taken in a liferaft


Module 3, Practical Wet Drill
 – Liferaft launching
 – Boarding dry and wet
 – Jumping from the poolside or from one meter board
 – Methods to increase survival once in water
 – Helping injured persons
 – Raft capsize drill
 – Final abandonment exercise


Module 4, Pricipals of Survival


 – Cold conditions: Cold shock; signs and symptons of hypothermia; methods of treatment
 – Hot conditions: signs and symptoms of sunburn, heat exhaustion and heatstroke; methods of treatment
 – Location: Survival routines to aid location; correct use of pyrotechniques; use of other locational aids
 – Water: Water rationing – procedures; problems related to dehydration and preventative measures; collection of water
 – Food: Food rationing; Sources of food: types of food

Survival craft ailments: Frostbite and immersion foot; urine retention; constipation; salt water boils etc

4 stages of survival: Medical aspects of survival; secondary actions; subsequent actions; raft management


Module 5, Search and Rescue
 – Rescue by helicopter or vessel
 – Role of HM Coastguard
 – UK and International SAR Organisation
 – Other services



RYA Blue Sky Training in Vilamoura at the very centre of the Algarve region of South Portugal. 


The RYA courses are operated by Portugal Sail and Power and associated fully qualified RYA instructors. 


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