RYA RADAR COURSE Located in Vilamoura at the heart of the Algarve region of Portugal and offering a range of profesional RYA certification and training option



Duration 1 Day


If you have a radar then only after you’ve done this course will you really appreciate both how complex the radar set actually is and  how amazingly useful it is if you know how to use the features built into the sets.

Radar is an excellent item of kit to have on board a craft – but only if you really know how to maximise its potential The one day RYA Radar course helps you to understand how radar works and make the most of it for collision avoidance and navigation.

Radar has a variety of uses including navigation and collision avoidance, indeed the ColRegs state that you must use all means available to you to avoid the possibility of a collision. Therefore, if your craft is fitted with a Radar then you must use it and by implication know how to use it to its full potential, getting the most from a radar is a matter of understanding its potential and being able to ‘set it up’ and modify the settings for the conditions you are experiencing.

We do have courses running monthly and are also available to arrange tailored schedules for your personal needs. In general the courses need a minimum of 4 people to allow us to operate them. Please contact us for availability and scheduling advice.

We are based in Vilamoura at the centre of the sunny Algarve region of Portugal. In Addition to the RYA courses we can offer a range of supports to help you make the most of your time here in the Algarve. Courses can be tailored to include accommodation, transfers, activities and pretty much anything you need. We are here to help. 





RYA Radar Course Vilamoura Algarve


RYA Blue Sky Training in Vilamoura at the very centre of the Algarve region of South Portugal. 


The RYA courses are operated by Portugal Sail and Power and associated fully qualified RYA instructors. 


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