Vilamoura Marina 2024 Expansion

Sunday, 28 January 2024 -

The work has begun on a groundbreaking transformation in Vilamoura, the shining jewel of Portugal's Algarve region. Under the stewardship of Arrow Global, owner of Vilamoura World, this celebrated resort town is embarking on a historic journey. With a colossal investment of €500 million, Vilamoura is poised to enter an era of unprecedented luxury and eco-conscious development, setting new benchmarks for resort destinations worldwide.

A New Chapter for Vilamoura

Arrow Global's massive investment marks a significant milestone in the history of Vilamoura. The strategic plan aims to consolidate key assets and accelerate their development, elevating Vilamoura to new heights of extraordinary achievement. This visionary project is set to establish Vilamoura as one of the foremost destinations in Europe for living, visiting, and investing.

Expansion of the Marina

At the heart of this ambitious initiative is the expansion of Vilamoura Marina, Portugal's largest and a recipient of the world's best marina award seven times. The expansion plan includes adding 68 new berths, tailored to accommodate larger-sized vessels, augmenting the existing 825 berths. This development is a testament to Vilamoura Marina's commitment to meeting the growing demands of the global nautical community and reinforcing its position as a top nautical destination.

Enhancing Vilamoura's Appeal

Beyond the marina, the investment encompasses the transformation of over 500,000 sqm of Vilamoura's land. The plan includes the construction of diverse residential areas, offering a range of sizes and prices, inviting people to invest in and become a part of Vilamoura's community.

The relaunch also focuses on enhancing and diversifying Vilamoura's leisure experiences. This includes upgrades to hotels and golf courses, improvements to the renowned equestrian center, and the creation of new sports facilities, catering to both professional athletes and residents.

A Vision for the Future

Pedro Reimão, CEO of Vilamoura World, envisions a diversified and enriched Vilamoura, offering a spectrum of experiences from the urban elegance near the Marina to the tranquil surroundings of the environmental park and golf courses. This vision is bolstered by João Bugalho, CEO of Arrow Global Portugal, who emphasizes the comprehensive enhancement of Vilamoura's leisure experiences.

Sustainability and Community Focus

The redevelopment of Vilamoura is not only about luxury but also a commitment to sustainability and community well-being. The town boasts a 200-hectare environmental park, complete with vineyards and extensive trails for walking and cycling, reflecting a dedication to environmental stewardship and community health.


As Vilamoura, which annually welcomes around four million visitors and houses approximately 15,000 property owners, undergoes this transformative phase, it's clear that the town is set to emerge as an even more attractive global destination. The historic relaunch of Vilamoura, encompassing the marina expansion and the overall infrastructural and leisure enhancements, represents a new chapter in luxury, sustainability, and community-centric development.


For information on berths, rates or the general expansion, please contact Vilamoura Marina directly here: Vilamoura Marina Contact


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