Lauryn Goodman Filming in Algarve

Saturday, 15 June 2024 -

We at Timeless Moments are thrilled to share a highlight from our recent activities—a truly extraordinary day of filming aboard our beautiful boat, A Mar, for an upcoming WAG-focused reality TV show set to air on the ITV network.

A Secretive Project with Exciting Personalities

The filming took place as part of a new, yet-to-be-titled reality show, focusing on the glamorous lives of WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends of sports stars). The specifics of the show are still under wraps, adding an air of mystery and excitement to the project. However, what we can share is that this experience was nothing short of spectacular.

The Spotlight on Lauryn Goodman

The central figure aboard A Mar was Lauryn Goodman. Lauryn, known for her vivacious personality and media presence, was accompanied by a top-notch filming crew to capture her life and interactions. Despite the drama surrounding her sister Chloe Goodman's wedding, which took place nearby, Lauryn remained poised and engaging throughout the filming. Her involvement added a unique dynamic to the project, providing viewers with an intimate glimpse into her world.

Filming on the Stunning Algarve Coast

The scenic Algarve coast provided a breathtaking backdrop for the day's activities. The pristine waters and stunning landscapes of this region are unmatched, offering a perfect setting for both relaxation and high-profile filming. As Lauryn and the crew enjoyed their time on A Mar, the natural beauty of the Algarve coast was on full display, enhancing the visual appeal of the shoot.

A Day of Delight and Professionalism

Hosting Lauryn and the ITV filming crew was a delightful experience for the Timeless Moments team. The crew, comprised of talented and professional individuals, worked seamlessly to capture the essence of the day. Their presence aboard A Mar brought an atmosphere of excitement and creativity, making the day enjoyable for everyone involved.

Lauryn Goodman proved to be not only a charming guest but also a true professional, engaging with the crew and our team with warmth and enthusiasm. Her candid moments and interactions aboard A Mar are sure to make for captivating television.

Timeless Moments: Creating Memories

At Timeless Moments, we pride ourselves on creating unforgettable experiences for our guests. Being chosen as the venue for this special filming session was an honour and a testament to the quality of service and ambiance we strive to provide. We are dedicated to making every moment on our boats memorable, and this filming day was no exception.

We look forward to seeing the final production and are excited for viewers to enjoy the stunning visuals and engaging content that was captured aboard A Mar. Keep an eye out for this upcoming show on ITV—it promises to be a fascinating insight into the glamorous lives of WAGs, with our very own Lauryn Goodman playing a key role.

Stay tuned to Timeless Moments for more updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of our exciting ventures!


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