Vilamoura boat show

Saturday, 27 May 2017 - Luxury Yachts

The Vilamoura Boat Show, this year in Vilamoura will be from the 10th to the 18th of June. You will be able to view some of the most luxurious boats currently on the market. Many boats are on display at the show, which will start on a Saturday and runs until Sunday at Vilamoura Marina. It will include examples of new brands and models of leisure boats from around the world, from high end luxury boats to more affordable craft. Companies participating in the event, the largest of its kind in Portugal, include Sunseeker Portugal and many others which will be representing boat manufacturers.The Vilamoura Marina Boat Show is already considered a reference event, both nationally and internationally, for lovers of the maritime world. the recreational boating industry continues to show signs of growth. Portugal has hundreds of kilometres of coastline, beaches and dams, which offer a competitive advantage for this business segment.The country has a long-standing maritime tradition, something we want to continue and the Vilamoura Boat Show 2017 is an example of that.The 2017 Vilamoura Boat Show runs during the hole day.

The luxury boat industry in Vilamoura has grown in the last year as with the economy in Portugal. The Algarve coastline offers to its boat´s owners the perfect place to cruise along the beautiful beaches, the best way to know if you are ready to buy your boat is to charter a yacht in Vilamoura, many charter company like Timeless Moments Vilamoura have a variety of boat to rent out for the day so you can experience the feeling in beeing a luxury yacht owner.




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