The luxury yacht "RADIANT" is in Vilamoura

Friday, 05 August 2016 - Luxury Yachts

The Superyacht "Radiant" is considered the 7th most expensive yacht in the world and valued at 258 million euros. It is an authentic ship, with 365 feet, the equivalent of 110 meters in length, with 19 of maximum width. The ship has a heliport, sonic weapons and water jets capable of sinking any approaching vessel.

It belonged to Boris Berezovsky, the Russian governor found dead in 2013, who previously sold it to the current owner: Abdulla Al Futtaim. The multi-millionaire is identified as the 4th richest of the United Arab Emirates, ranked number 549 in the ranking of the richest in the world and its fortune is valued at more than 2.8 billion euros, according to Forbes magazine .

The Radiant yacht is anchored off the beaches of Vilamoura and, according to the Marine Traffic navigation record, came from Marbella, after having been in Ibiza. The wealth of the owner, according to Forbes, is due to his business of distributing Toyota and Honda car brands in the United Arab Emirates, as well as Ikea franchises, Toys 'R' Us, among other businesses.




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