Vilamoura Art Terry Bradley

Monday, 12 September 2016 - Vilamoura Art

Running through to the 20th of October, Vilamoura will display the work of two “internationally-renowned artists” – Northern Irish painter Terry Bradley and Swedish sculptress Agnetha Sjögren. The exhibition takes place on the Vilamoura Marina’s V-Art Gallery until October 20.

The exhibition is organized by Vilamoura World and art consulting group Omey Projects.

Terry Bradley is one of Irelands leading Irish contemporary artists. In this exhibition, Terry will showcase eight of his paintings which, through passionate brushstrokes and vivid colours, depict women with a strong, powerful presence against the backdrop of some of Ireland´s leisure spaces.

Swedish artist Agnetha Sjögren, known for her one-off art dog sculptures has brought one of her hand crafted sculptures to Vilamoura while also brings a selection of Limited Edition.

This exhibition is part of the V-Art concept in partnership with Omey Projects, an initiative by Vilamoura World that aims to boost Vilamoura’s cultural and artistic life.

Opening hours for the exhibition are 2pm - 10pm Monday to Saturday & Sunday 5 - 10pm. 

For appointment, please email or call +351 9642765.


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