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Saturday, 06 June 2020 - Corona Virus Algarve

Dear Friends! 


It is with great  joy that I can update you all in regards to the Algarve, Covid-19 and situation in general. 

The Algarve is now clearly the safest destination in Europe for your summer vacation, we have had no new cases here for some time now and the area is generally back to normal with some new changes to how we live our daily lives but nothing that is too imposing or restrictive. 

The Government of Portugal has handled the corona virus / covid-19 outbreak very well and we have managed to get through the crisis relatively unscathed. 

How are yacht charters and boat hire affected by corona virus restrictions? 

Private Yacht Charter is by far the safest option as you will be in your own family or personal group, not mixed with other passengers. 

Timeless Moments have gone above and beyond government guidelines to ensure the safety and security of our office and boats. We have employed a professional cleaning company and have invested in a disinfection of all our areas of business.

We have contracted a company using Z-71 by  Zoono which is a product that offers a microbial shied and surface protection that prevents bacterial living on the surfaces for up to 30 days.

We have also extended  time between trips to deep clean and disinfect the boats. Alcohol hand cleansing is available in all areas and masks are available should you feel more comfortable with them. 

Being out in the hot sunshine, with fresh sea air, on a private yacht charter sanitised to the highest possible level you can be assured you are likely in one of the best places on the planet! 

We are open and the calendar is already filling up so please get in touch to reserve your summer cruise date. 

See you all soon! 


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