Coronavirus Algarve Boat Trip

Saturday, 14 March 2020 - Corona Virus Algarve


Dear friends

Firstly and most importantly our thoughts are with you all at this stressful time, a time of concern and uncertainty sweeping across the world bringing with it worry and hardship for so many. We are all in the same situation and please be assured we are beside you in any way we can be.

We are very blessed to have made some wonderful friends from around the world since our founding, We are so proud to welcome all to the Algarve and show the wonders that this small corner of Portugal has to offer.  The Algarve is a small area with stunning beaches, scenery, weather and amazingly friendly and hospitable people, it certainly sounds exactly what you all need right now!

Here in the Algarve, and indeed in Portugal, the situation in regards to CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19 is evolving daily and as with the rest of the world we are adapting to the situation as it evolves.

It would be wrong of us to try and sell the Algarve as a safe haven, whilst the risks here are currently lower than many other places in Europe it is not for us to predict the coming weeks and months, it is with the individuals, groups and families to make the decision to travel.

Portugal and the Algarve remain one of the safest places in Europe to visit and one of the least affected by CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19 lets hope that it stays that way!

We advise that you check with your government for any updates or travel advisories specific to your chosen destination also check that your travel and health insurance covers you for any adverse effects on your trip due to the Pandemic.


Effects of CoronaVirus  on your current reservation. 

 We can’t speak for other companies in the Algarve but from all of us at Timeless Moments Yacht Charter we would like to reassure you that any deposits taken for Yacht Charters or Boat Trips up to this date (14/03/2020) can be fully credited or refunded in the event that your flight is cancelled, travel restrictions apply or simply you decide that the risks of travel due to CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19 are too great.

To cancel or reschedule a booking please contact us directly by email at we will work with you to reschedule where we can, offer you a credit note for when things improve or we can refund your deposit or payment if other options are not suitable.

Please note that refunds can take up to 60 days to process during these times.

How does a credit note work? 

Simply put a credit note means that any payments that you have made as a deposit or full payment of your trip can be held and used towards a future booking at a date that suits your group, This is very useful in these times because we cant be sure at present when normality of flights and lifting of other restrictions will apply.


Effects of CoronaVirus / Covid-19 on Future Reservations:

In peak seasons we are often fully booked and early reservation is normally essential so we are continuing to accept bookings and reservations with a positive outlook and we continue to urge early reservation.  

To help reassure you we will continue to offer the "refund or credit policy" up until April 30th 2020. At which time the Refund Policy will then be reviewed as we assess the situation again. We will update the news page accordingly at that time.

Please book with confidence.

Our goal is to show you the very best of the Algarve and our warm hospitality, we will work with you in any way we can to make your trip happen and share the wonders of Portugal with you, please feel free to drop me a message with any questions that you may have or advice about how things are here in Portugal and lets work together to plan your dream trip!

We can be contacted by:


Whatsapp on the link to the right,

or feel free to call on 00351 910092222

We look forward to seeing you soon!




**All information here is correct at time of writing and will be updated regularly as the situation evolves.


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