RYA Day Skipper Course

RYA Day Skipper Course

RYA Day Skipper Course (Motor) - Vilamoura- The Algarve - Portugal.

The RYA Day Skipper course (Motor) is structured to enable you to "Take charge on short passages under instruction, with help and advice from your instructor".

The target of the course will be: Ability to skipper a motor cruiser in familiar waters by day 

The Day Skipper course will also aim to help you make the very most of modern electronic aids like GPS /Radar, which are pretty standard now on most motor yachts.

Before attending the course you should be able to navigate and are well advised to attend the RYA Day Skipper shore based course to brush up on your skills 


The RYA Day Skipper Certificate is acceptable across many countries throughout the world and serves as proof of the skipper’s competence, the RYA Day Skipper certificate is importantly also accepted as a licence by both the Spanish and the Portuguese Maritime authorities.

The RYA Day Skipper Certificate / licence comes in the form of a photo card document which is sealed and laminated. The certificate is issued and registered at the end of the course and is "Live" immediately meaning that you can immediately put it to good use on your own boat.,

The RYA Day Skipper certificate can be used to apply for the ICC, please drop us a contact for more details.

The RYA Day Skipper Certificate is actually valid for boats of up to and including 24 Metres or equivalent - (78 feet) It is also possible to use the certificate to achieve a Commercial endorsement. 

This certification is also valid for life which makes it incredibly useful and very popular. Crucially it is not restricted by distances between ports instead reminding you that you must at all times be aware of your own limitations and a suggestion is that it is in "familiar waters"    

RYA DAY SKIPPER (Motor) Course Duration: 

Five days or 40 hours, of which approximately 8 hours will be theory based. The theory section would focus on integrated navigation (use of both charts & plotters). If you have recently completes an RYA Theory Course then it can be possible to reduce the length of the course by a day but this will be entirely at our discretion based on competence assessment prior to commencement.

as completed an RYA theory course recently it may be possible to reduce the course duration by one day, this reduction in time will be at our discretion and will involve a short test prior to the booking being confirmed. 

Course content

  • Preparation for sea,
  • boat handling,
  • navigation,
  • pilotage,
  • passage making,
  • meteorology,
  • rules of the road,
  • engines,
  • emergency situations,
  • night cruising


Vilamoura is based in the Central Algarve and boasts the largest marina in Portugal so is the perfect location for your course. The Algarve boasts over 300 days of sunshine per year which is also an added bonus! 

Courses are run and operated by Portugal Sail And Power, RYA Certified with Julian Mead at the helm!




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