US Itineraries in the Algarve

Thursday, 25 April 2024 -

The Algarve in Portugal has seen a steady increase in visitors from North America over the last five years. This growth has been fueled by new direct flights, attractive itineraries, and the region's unique blend of luxury, history, and natural beauty. Let's explore the visitor statistics and some popular itineraries that attract US visitors to the Algarve.

Visitor Statistics for the Algarve

The Algarve has experienced significant growth in tourism, especially from North America. In the first half of 2023, the region recorded 13.5% more guests than the previous year, totaling 2.2 million visitors, with overnight stays increasing by 13.2% to 8.5 million​ (theportugalnews)​. Faro Airport also saw a 20.6% increase in passenger volume, indicating a surge in air travel to the Algarve from various international destinations​ (theportugalnews)​. This upward trend in North American tourism reflects the growing interest in the Algarve's luxury offerings and scenic landscapes.

Popular Itineraries for US Visitors

US visitors often choose itineraries that combine the Algarve with other notable Portuguese destinations, such as Lisbon and Porto. Here are some of the most popular itineraries for US visitors exploring Portugal:

  • 3 Days in the Algarve: This itinerary allows visitors to experience the best of the Algarve. It typically includes exploring the beaches, taking a yacht charter to Benagil Cave, and visiting historic towns like Lagos. A day trip to Ria Formosa Natural Park can also be part of this itinerary, providing a unique look at the region's natural beauty​ (Timeless Moments)​.

  • 2 Days in Lisbon: Visitors often start or end their trip in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The itinerary includes exploring historic neighborhoods like Alfama and Baixa, visiting landmarks such as the Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery, and experiencing the vibrant nightlife in Bairro Alto.

  • 2 Days in Porto: Porto is known for its historic architecture, riverside views, and port wine. The itinerary might include visits to iconic locations like the Dom Luís I Bridge and Livraria Lello, along with port wine tastings and exploring the Ribeira District.

These itineraries offer a well-rounded experience for US visitors, allowing them to enjoy the scenic beauty and cultural richness of the Algarve while also experiencing the history and charm of Lisbon and Porto. Combining these destinations provides a diverse and enjoyable trip through Portugal.

With the increase in direct flights, the Algarve's popularity among North American tourists continues to grow, making it a top destination for those seeking luxury, adventure, and relaxation. Whether exploring the coastline by yacht charter, relaxing at luxury resorts, or visiting historic sites, the Algarve offers a wealth of experiences for visitors from the US and beyond.


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