Helen // United Kingdom
+ Sunseeker 50 BHappy  + 1. Full Day Cruise  
August 2022

“Hired ‘be happy’ for 7 hours, service, crew were fantastic! Had the best time! Would highly recommend. Stopped off for lunch and a bit of jet skiing and paddle boarding! Simply amazing - will be back”

Rebecca // Germany
+ Sunseeker 50 BHappy  + 4. Classic SUNSET Cruise  + Chef Onboard  
August 2020

“Para surpreender o nosso pai no seu aniversário de 60 anos, estávamos a reservar uma visita guiada com a equipa dos momentos intemporais. A experiência foi de cortar a respiração. Tudo foi simplesmente melhor do que perfeito. Fomos calorosamente recebidos no local de estacionamento para nos guiar até ao iate. O iate era lindo. Tivemos o Sunseeker 50, o que foi simplesmente espantoso. Acolhidos pela tripulação com queijo e uma cava, começámos o nosso cruzeiro. A tripulação era tão simpática e divertida. O passeio que escolheram para nós foi bonito e muito divertido. Conseguimos utilizar o remo de pé e a RIB, que estava a bordo. Reservámos o jantar a bordo e onde podíamos comer durante a observação do pôr-do-sol. A comida era tão deliciosa. O paladar era excelente. No final da viagem também ficámos surpreendidos com um bolo de aniversário maravilhoso para o meu pai. Também tivemos a sorte de ter um fotógrafo a bordo, o que valeu a pena. Estou tão ansioso pelos vídeos e fotografias que foram feitos. Tivemos um pequeno pico a bordo e eles pareciam incríveis. Muito obrigado por este tempo maravilhoso. O meu pai teve o melhor aniversário de sempre e estou tão grato por o terem tornado tão especial. Tudo foi simplesmente perfeito e tão bem pensado. Esta experiência é uma experiência obrigatória quando se está no Algarve.”

Rebecca // Germany
+ Sunseeker 50 BHappy  + 6. Photographer on Board  + Chef Onboard  
August 2020

“To surprise our dad for his 60‘s birthday we were booking a tour with the timeless moments Team. The experience was breathtaking. Everything was just better than perfect. We were warmly welcomed at the parking spot to guide us to the yacht. The yacht was beautiful. We had the Sunseeker 50, which was simply amazing. Welcomed by the crew with cheese and a cava we started our cruise. The crew was so friendly and fun. The tour they choose for us was pretty and a lot of fun. We were able to use the stand up paddle and the RIB, which was on board. We booked dinner on board and where able to eat during watching the sunset. The food was so delicious. The taste was excellent. At the end of the trip we also got surprised with a wonderful birthday cake for my dad. We also were lucky that we had a photographer on board, which was so worth it. I am so looking forward to the videos and pictures which were made. We had a little sneak peak on board and they looked incredible. Thank you so much for this wonderful time. My dad had the best birthday ever and I am so thankful you made it so special. Everything was just perfect and so well thought of. This experience is a must do when you on the Algarve.”

Christopher // United Kingdom
+ Sunseeker 50 BHappy  + 4. Classic SUNSET Cruise  
June 2019

“For our last night in the Algarve my wife, daughter and I chartered B.Happy for a sunset cruise and dinner. The boat was spotless and very comfortable. The crew--Marcio and Miguel-- were fantastic, giving us a running commentary of the coastline features as we cruised west along the cliffs and beaches. Sandra keep the appetizers and drinks coming and JT did his best to get us close to a number of caves and beaches but it was a windy evening. Dinner back at the marina was superb, especially considering it was prepared on a single burner galley stove. We highly recommend this operator. The only regret was that the water was cold--17/61 degrees so we didn't want to swim for too long, but the warm shower on the stern helped a lot”

THE BEST!!!! // United Kingdom
+ Sunseeker 50 BHappy  + 5. Afternoon Cruise Vilamoura  
August 2018

“My boyfriend and I and another couple cruised with timeless moments at the start of August. Everything was just perfect. Greeted by Sandra who was lovely (we wanted her to jump on board with us) and Pinto was amazing on board. Gave us lots of tips for the Algarve. He always made sure the champagne was flowing and our glasses were never empty. All we can say is ... WE WILL BE BACK ???? Thanks for a great time, we miss it already.”


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