Sailing Yacht Delivery to Gibraltar

Sailing Yacht Delivery to Gibraltar

Yacht Transportation from Cascais Portugal, to Gibraltar. Sailing yacht delivery by our expert boat delivery team based in the Algarve

Sailing Yacht Transport / Delivery from Cascais, Portugal to Gibraltar

Preparation and Pre-Departure Checks

Before embarking on our journey from Cascais to Gibraltar with a 45-foot sailing yacht, our team at Timeless Moments undertook meticulous pre-departure preparations to guarantee a safe and smooth passage.

Comprehensive Safety Checks

Our process began with an extensive inspection of the yacht:

  • Hull and Deck Examination: Thoroughly checked for any signs of damage or wear.
  • Rigging and Sails: Inspected the standing and running rigging, and tested the sails.
  • Engine and Mechanical Systems: Ensured the auxiliary engine, fuel systems, and hydraulics were in optimal condition.
  • Electrical Systems: Verified the functionality of navigation lights, communication devices, and onboard electronics.
  • Safety Equipment: Confirmed that life jackets, lifeboats, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and emergency flares were present and in good working order.
  • Provisioning: Loaded the yacht with necessary supplies, including food, water, and spare parts, ensuring we were prepared for any contingencies.

Navigation and Route Planning

Our navigation planning involved several key elements:

  • Weather Forecasting: Monitored weather forecasts and wind patterns to plan the most favorable sailing conditions.
  • Route Mapping: Charted a course that considered fuel stops, overnight stays, and potential hazards.
  • Fuel Calculation: Although primarily sailing, we calculated fuel needs for the auxiliary engine, anticipating an average sailing speed of 6-8 knots.
  • Marina Coordination: Contacted marinas in advance to arrange berths for overnight stays and refueling if necessary.

The Journey

Day 1: Cascais to Sines (Approximately 55 nautical miles)

We set sail from Cascais Marina early in the morning. This first leg was kept short to thoroughly test all systems under actual sailing conditions. The Atlantic breeze was favorable, and the yacht handled beautifully, gliding through the waves.

Overnight Stop: We arrived at Sines Marina by late afternoon. After securing the yacht, we conducted a thorough inspection to ensure all systems were functioning optimally, particularly focusing on the rigging and sails. Content with the performance, we enjoyed the evening exploring the historic coastal town of Sines.

Fuel Stop: Refueled at Sines Marina to ensure the auxiliary engine was ready for the next leg.

Day 2: Sines to Lagos (Approximately 80 nautical miles)

With favorable winds, we departed Sines and continued our journey south along the Portuguese coastline towards Lagos. The sailing conditions were excellent, with a steady wind propelling us forward.

Overnight Stop: We reached Marina de Lagos by late evening. After docking, we explored the vibrant town known for its stunning cliffs and rich maritime history.

Fuel Stop: Topped up the fuel tanks to prepare for the next leg, ensuring we had enough fuel for auxiliary power if needed.

Day 3: Lagos to Faro (Approximately 50 nautical miles)

Leaving Lagos behind, we sailed towards Faro. The wind conditions remained favorable, allowing us to maintain a steady speed.

Overnight Stop: Arrived at Faro Marina by evening. After securing the yacht, we took the opportunity to explore the historic and cultural charms of Faro.

Fuel Stop: Refueled at Faro Marina to ensure the auxiliary engine was ready for the next leg.

Day 4: Faro to Cadiz, Spain (Approximately 90 nautical miles)

We set sail from Faro towards Cadiz, Spain, navigating through the Gulf of Cadiz. The wind conditions were moderate, and the yacht sailed smoothly.

Overnight Stop: Reached Puerto América in Cadiz by late evening. After docking, we explored the historic city known for its rich cultural heritage.

Fuel Stop: Topped up the fuel tanks at the marina to prepare for the final leg of our journey.

Day 5: Cadiz to Gibraltar (Approximately 70 nautical miles)

Our final leg took us from Cadiz to Gibraltar. The wind was favorable, and the yacht maintained a steady pace, cruising smoothly towards our destination.

Arrival in Gibraltar: By early evening, we arrived at Marina Bay in Gibraltar. After docking, we conducted a final systems check to ensure everything was in perfect condition after the journey. We celebrated the successful completion of the delivery with a delightful meal at one of Gibraltar's renowned waterfront restaurants.

Reflection on the Journey

This five-day sailing voyage from Cascais to Gibraltar underscored the importance of meticulous planning and professional execution by our team. The deliberately short first leg allowed us to thoroughly test all systems, ensuring the yacht was in optimal condition for the longer subsequent legs. The scenic beauty of the route, combined with the cultural richness of each stop, made the journey memorable.


At Timeless Moments, we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional yacht delivery services. Our focus on safety, meticulous planning, and professional execution ensures that your vessel is in the best hands. Whether you're relocating your yacht within Europe or beyond, trust us to deliver with excellence and reliability.


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