Photographer Yacht Charter

Photographer Yacht Charter

  • From €350

PHOTOGRAPHER ON BOARD YOUR CHARTER BOAT to capture the moments in pictures and videos, the perfect upgrade to your cruise option.

This is a great upgrade option and perfect to capture and hold special memories forever! 

We have a wonderful photographer who can come along with you on the cruise to unobtrusively take pictures and short videos of your yacht charter day. 

She is very skilled and detail orientated, you will hardly know she is there, and you'll be surprised when you see how many truly timeless moments she captures. 

Photographer rates: 

The rates for the photograper onboard are €175 / hour and is available only on cruises of 2 hours or more. 

The photographer onboard is great for marriage proposals and for capturing those most special moments in life.

Here are some we made earlier: 


This one comes with a "Tissue Warning"!


New Friends from the USA


Great Irish Family Join us for an Afternoon


Availability: VERY HIGH DEMAND advance booking is essential.


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