Katerina Yacht Charter Cascais

Katerina Yacht Charter Cascais

, PT
  • Length: 11.8 mts
  • Capacity: 10 pax

Katerina Yacht for Charter from Cascais and Lisbon. Private hire only for your tailored requirements. All inclusive packages available.

The "Yacht Katerina," a Golden Sessa model, moored in Cascais, is an excellent embodiment of Italian craftsmanship and seafaring luxury. Measuring 11.80 meters (approximately 38.7 feet), this boat offers an elegant and comfortable space, making it an ideal option for day trips or shorter overnight stays.

The Golden Sessa series is renowned for its sleek design and performance. These yachts are designed to optimize space, providing ample room for on-board activities while ensuring a smooth and fast cruise. The "Yacht Katerina" likely lives up to this reputation, providing a thrilling yet comfortable sailing experience.

The deck layout of the "Yacht Katerina" would be thoughtfully designed to facilitate relaxation and socialization. With sun pads at the bow and a spacious aft area, guests can enjoy sunbathing, lounging, or simply taking in the beautiful views of the Portuguese coastline. The cockpit, likely equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems, offers excellent visibility and easy handling.

Internally, the Golden Sessa is known for its smart space utilization. "Yacht Katerina" is likely to feature a beautifully designed saloon with high-quality finishes, comfortable seating, and a dining area. The galley might be compact yet well-equipped, featuring modern appliances. The boat likely has two cabins, offering cozy accommodations for overnight guests. These cabins often have high-quality furnishings, storage spaces, and large portholes to allow natural light and ocean views.

The boat's power comes from its high-performance engine, designed to provide excellent speed and efficiency. Its hull design contributes to the stability and agility of the vessel, making it a pleasure to navigate even in more challenging sea conditions.

In essence, the "Yacht Katerina" is a testament to the blend of style, performance, and comfort that characterizes the Golden Sessa series. Its size makes it perfect for intimate gatherings or family outings, offering a unique way to explore the beautiful coastline of Cascais, Portugal.


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