A hen party to remember

August 2023

Looking for the perfect plan to spend your hen party in style? Book a charter and spend your last day as a bachelorette cruising the sea!


Melanie and her closest friends traveled to Portugal to celebrate the most recent event in her life, Melanie's engagement. They came to us with the perfect idea and asked us to make this event one that everyone will remember for a long time.
João and Claudio were the crew members that were assigned to this adventure, and  they delivered the party in style.
The music kept playing the whole trip long, the drinks were never empty, and the food was excellent. 
There was also a bit of time to do some surprise diving, as well as dancing, and selfies onboard.
In the end, the group sat and watched the sun go down since the sunset was so beautiful to look at here in the Algarve.
Everyone onboard had a wonderful time!



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