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DISABLED BOAT TRIPS ALGARVE are something we can help you to organise as a private yacht trip. Talk to us today and lets see how we can make it special

The Algarve special needs cruise option is something that we are passionate about and truly enjoy doing, it fills us with immense joy to share the wonders of the Algarve coastline with people that may otherwise no believe themselves able to enjoy it. 

Its important first of all to say that access to all boats in this category is a challenge for physically handicapped people, the boats are not built with easy access in mind sadly. BUT we are determined that we can make it happen! in many cases we have provided extra crew to help lift and carry any wheelchairs or necessities. in some occasions we have been able to provide life guard trained crew to be in the water and help.  What we can say is that we will do our very best and communication is key to help us make the special needs cruise indeed a special occasion. 

Sensory Journey

There are so many stimuli on a yacht charter, the wind, the motion, the air, the salt, the water, even the vibration of the engines add to the unique environment that is a yacht charter. The sounds of the waves, of the birds. The warmth of the sun. There are so many ways to enjoy the experience that we take for granted. 

We work with a centre in the Algarve that can help with transportation to and from the marina, they also have acommodation and specialise in special needs holidays.

Duration of the cruises should be a minimum of 3 hours to allow us time to make it all work. 

We appreciate how stressful travelling can be sometimes and want nothing more than to put the icing on the cake of your trip. We have a range of great upgrades such as our photographer and videographer who can capture the special memories in a way no other can. 

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It all starts with a simple message and we will take care of the rest...


**Booking Fee of 3% applied when using credit cards 



  •  Colombia - Sunseeker Portofino 53'
    Colombia - Sunseeker Portofino 53' (16 mts)

    Includes: Fuel
    SUP and Snorkells

    Up to 12 pax
    7 hrs
    Dia Inteiro
    2 450€
    Up to 12 pax
    5 hrs
    1 800€
    Up to 12 pax
    4 hrs
    1 500€
    Up to 12 pax
    3 hrs
    1 250€
    Up to 12 pax
    3 hrs
    1 250€
    Up to 12 pax
    3 hrs
    1 150€


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